It´s all about Storytelling!

We have the right solution for you. Because we love moving images in every form.

  • Viral spot
  • Corporate video
  • Product movie
  • Explanatory film
  • Event film
  • Filmed business reports
  • Videos for internal communication
  • 360 degrees/VR content
  • Social media clips
  • Web formats
  • YouTube content (channel & series)
  • Digital video platforms
  • TV commercials and TV infomercials
  • TV documentaries
  • TV news & magazine posts
  • TV shows & broadcasts

We think innovatively. Creatively. Emotionally.
We think for the new generation.
We think for influencers and brands.

diego5 has worked with creatives from all walks of life since 2015. With over 300 online and TV clips produced, the company is a creative island for people and brands who want to think and shape the future. We give the new generation a chance to make a lasting career as an influencer, and brands the opportunity to implement successful campaigns and develop web formats with the new stars.